23 Feb 2018

Earn More Money From Adsense Auto Ad? | AdSense Latest Update 2018

An opportunity to earn more money from Adsense Auto Ad? | Adsense Latest Update 2018

How to apply Adsense auto ad?

Adsense Auto Ad: Hello friends, we all do a new topic search, use the best keywords in it, and publish 1000 words after writing quality content and if online business website is there. By providing services or by blog like me, AdSense earns money by advertising. Google has started learning machine-learning technology-based "Adsense Auto Ad" services while paying attention to bloggers.
Google Auto ad for New Form of New Ad and if you have a Google Adsense Approve account, then it may have got information about this update and a new Ad Window Dashboard will be showing in such a way,
Adsense Auto Ad
Google Adsense Auto Ad
Today's article is specially meant for those who use Google Adsense Advertising services. Here we will talk about what is Google AutoAd ?, what is the feature of it and how it can be used in our website/blog and how it affects our Adsense income.

What Is Google Adsense Auto Ad?

As we have talked about, Google Adsense has just come up a new update in a hurry. For Publisher, Google is now launching a new type of Ad feature named "Adsense Auto Ad".
This is made on Google Machine Learning Technology, Artificial Intelligence. It is specially designed to take smart ad placement and monetization decisions. That is, if a user applies for Adsense, then he will not have to wait longer for Adsense confirmation mail. Google Adsense will give a new service decision to all Adsense as soon as possible.

Benefits of Adsense Auto Ad:

We all look for Adsense Advertisement on our website. So that we could earn some money and work on the website with full interest. In Adsense, we get many types of ads, which we use to get maximum clicks on our website. for example…

  • Text Ad
  • Display Ad
  • Link Ad

In this we get ads with features such as Header, in the article (native), responsive. Which helps us get the click. Google has improved the add quality this time so that we can get more profits. Some Highlighted feature of Google Adsense auto ad is as follows.

Revenue Opportunities:

After applying Auto Ad, it will recognize all its available ad space in the website and will make New Ad Place. This increases the chances of getting Ad Click and also earning money with it.


This time, Google Adsense has further improved technology, and this time Google has created an ad using machine learning, it can show advertisements according to the maximum user experience and can be beneficial for both the advertiser and the publisher.

Easy to Use:

We have to place Google Auto Ads only once on the website, and we just need to go to Auto Ad and on that option to do the same way that you want to place Ad Place. That is, if you have to add a new ad, then there is no need to generate code again.

How To Adsense Auto Ad Setup?

Adsense auto ad setup is very easy to setup, we can setup it exactly the same. As we do the rest of the ad. But there are some new config ads that we need to understand.
First of all, we have to go to our Adsense Account where we will get the New Window Box of Auto ad itself on the Home page. From here we can click on Setup to go to Next Step or we can access the Setup option from My Ad Option.


Adsense auto ad
Adsense Auto Ad Setup
Now we will get an option of the automated ad for smart advertisements. Here we have to click on Get Start option. After that, we will enter the auto ad dashboard.


Adsense Auto Ad
Adsense Auto Ad
Now here we have to pay attention as we can choose any ad according to Computer or Mobile. With this, we can set auto mode by enabling automatic get new format if we want to. From this, it will select Size and Ad Space from itself. After that, we have to click on save.


Adsense Auto Ad
Adsense Auto Ad
After clicking Save, the code for Adsense Auto Ad will be generated as if it is for all the other types of ad. After this, we have to copy this code and go to the code of your website <head>... </ head> to paste in between.


Adsense Auto Ad
Adsense Auto Ad
After pasting, after returning to Adsense Account, click on Done. After that our auto ad setup is completed and soon our website will start to be the Best Place Ad automatic show.
Adsense Auto Ad
Adsense Auto Ad

Note: When we place Google Adsense Auto ad on our website. So it first analyzes all the URLs. After that, it places Ur related to Ad, so that the conversion rate is possible and the publisher can get an Opportunity to earn Revenue. That's why your website should set the URL of every single page properly according to content.

Friends, according to me, this is AdSense Latest Update 2018, Google's Best Update. Whichever Google updates have come, it was for all SEO, Adword but there was no such thing that the publisher could increase their revenue. With Google Adsense Auto Ad, we have the best method for putting relevant ads on our website and this can give us a better chance of earning money. Therefore, if you use all of the Google Advertiser programs, you should set up Adsense auto adapter and if there is a problem or suggestion please comment.

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