14 Feb 2018

Reliance Jio does not have Jio Coin App, Jio will not bring cryptocurrency

Jio Coin App Review

A few days ago, there was news about Reliance Jio that Reliance JIO is also bringing cryptocurrency like bitcoin, which will be name Jio Coin App. Now Reliance Jio has made it clear that Jio is not going to bring any kind of cryptocurrency. nor is there a name JIO COIN APP. The name Jio Coin, which is present on the Internet, is fake. There is no connection with Jio. Jio has advised to people avoid putting money in any such app.

Significantly, the government and the RBI had issued warnings several times in the last few days about virtual currency. In the budget speech, the finance minister also mentioned the bitcoin. In the budget speech, the Finance Minister had said that Bitcoin is not a welded print. Earlier, the finance minister and the RBI had said that bitcoin-like cryptocurrency has not been recognizing and investing in it can be risky. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had said that this is not legally valid currency. No part of the government will be compensate by the people.

Jio Coin Apps
Jio Coin Apps

Jio Coin Fake Apps

Some time ago, the report was reveale that Jio is preparing to bring its own cryptocurrency by the name 'Jio Coin'. Shortly thereafter, it was report that some of the Fake Websites that have been made available to this currency have also become such. After all, it has been reporting that many apps relate to Jio Coin has been seen in Google Play Store.

The total number of these apps is about 22. Their name is Jio Coin and they are available for download at the Play Store. The name of  Jio Coin App of these areas follow are - Jio Coin, How to Jio Coin Buy, and Jio Coin Crypto Currency However, all these apps have about 1,000 downloads. There are three such apps in 1,000 and 5,000 times and two have been download 10,000 and 50,000 times.

Be careful: do not accidentally download these named Jio Coin apps

The information in this Jio Coin Fake App page claims to give Jio Coin instead of doing some 'task'. However, no official statement has been an issue regarding this from the company.

In this context, security experts say that people should avoid downloading such applications. Earlier such apps used to steal people's personal information, but threats can occur in other ways at some time. Which can do the processing power of your phone to mining cryptocurrency in the background.

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